Dr. Kyle K. Biggar, Ph.D.

Lab Head

Professional Experience:

2016 - present - Assistant Professor, Carleton University

2013-2016 - NSERC/BantingPostdoctoral Fellow, Western University (Dr. Shawn Li)

2008-2013 - Ph.D. student, Carleton University (Dr. Kenneth Storey) 

Dr. Hemanta Adhikary, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Adhikary's research is primarily focused on the systematic development of peptide-based KMT and KDM inhibitors for their potential use in cancer treatment. Dr. Adhikary is also interested in the role of PRMT proteins in DNA damage and repair.

Matthew Hoekstra, B.Sc.

Ph.D. Candidate

Matt's research is focused on the development of innovative ways to explore and annotate KDM enzyme-substrate networks. This involves the development of novel detection assays, as well as new systematic substrate screens to determine preferences. Matt's Ph.D. thesis is focused on the KDM5 family of demethylase enzymes.


Francois Charih, M.A.Sc., B.Sc., B.A.Sc.

Ph.D. Candidate

Francois's research interests are focused on the implementation and development of computational resources to explore the methyllysine proteome. This includes the combination of machine learning with large proteomic databases to help guide wet-lab validation experiments. He is a co-supervised student with Dr. James Green. 


Viktoria Xing, B.Sc., B.Eng.

M.Sc. Candidate

Vikoria's research explores the in vitro and in vivo functions of an uncharacterized methyl-binding domain (agenet; tudor-like) in the FMRP protein and its potential role in Parkinson's disease. She is a co-supervised student with Dr. Shawn Hayley. 


Ryan Collins, B.Sc.

M.Sc. Candidate

Ryan's research is based on the systematic identification and characterization of new MLL4/WRAD KMT substrates. Ryan is exploring the role that MLL4/WRAD facilitates in DNA damage repair through dynamic substrate methylation. 


Anand Chopra, B.Sc.

M.Sc. Candidate (NSERC CGS-M recipient)

Anand's research is focused on uncovering the hypoxia-responsive functions of the demethylase, KDM3A. His thesis systematically explores KDM3A substrate recognition preferences and uses this knowledge to identify potential roles in hypoxia adaptation. He is a co-supervised student with Dr. Bill Willmore. 


Nashira Grigg, B.Sc.

Research Associate

Nashira is an experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the public safety industry. Skilled in Bioinformatics, Biosafety, Statistical Data Analysis, Laboratory Methods, and Computer Science. Strong biotechnology and computation professional with a Bachelor's Degree with Honours focused in Computational Biochemistry from Carleton University.


Emine Topcu

Abhi Kurusetty

Lucas DiRienzo

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